Kerri Olson is like many others who spend their days working in an office. She enjoys her work, but found herself feeling rather stiff and sore after long hours seated at her desk. Kerri explains "It took a toll on my back and neck. I had so much back pain."

Kerri decided to get a new sit-stand desk from Fitneff. The Elevate DesktopTM DT4 that Kerri is now using attaches to the rear of her desk. The desk features include: 

  • Height-adjustable desk surface
  • Dual monitor attachment
  • Flexible monitor arm that swivels left and right
  • Large desk surface
  • Ergonomic keyboard tray

Kerri began to feel the benefits of her new desk immediately. It quite literally changed the way she works. The Elevate DesktopTM DT4 sit-stand desk allows her to easily move from sitting to standing, and then back to sitting again when she is ready. No longer does Kerri need to remain seated to complete her work at her desk. "Because it is super easy, I can move between sitting and standing." 

Kerri often deals with clients who often visit her work station. Thanks to the flexible arm, she can simply move her monitor from left and right to allow her to reference something on her screen with clients standing on the other side of her desk wall, without having to invite them into her private work station. "It is great because my desk is high," says Kerri. "I can lift it up and turn it to face customers on the other side of the desk."

These days, Kerri is feeling better both physically and emotionally. After she started working on her new desk, Kerri explains, "I felt so much better. I felt happier. I left work every day with more energy. I felt happier being at work, and then had more energy to do the things I wanted to do after work. It has translated into other parts of my life. Now, looking back, I am just so happy with this change. I wish I had done it so much sooner. I'm happy!" 

Watch Kerri tell her story in her own words.

Are you ready to make one simple change to your work space in order to improve the way you work and the way you feel? Like Kerri, one of our many sit-stand desks will work for you. Browse our full line of products online, or contact us for more information, and a recommendation for the right desk for your workspace. 



August 18, 2016 — Heather Lielmanis

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