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Brand Varier

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Due to the high demand for Varier items there is a 6 to 12 week delivery wait time.  These unique products are manufactured in Europe and then shipped to North America for distribution. Orders will be fulfilled in the sequence that they are received, so we encourage you to place your order right away.  

The Varier Move Small Stool is a unique design built specially to move with the body throughout the day. NEAT Certified by the Mayo Clinic, this active seating solution provides an extended range of motion with soft edges along the seat and a rounded base. The Move Small is a smaller version of the original Varier Move Stool. The Move stool is a necessary addition to any home or office setting, pairing perfectly with most height-adjustable standing desks. 

The wooden base on the Move Small is made from top quality beech ply wood form European forests. This material reduces the tendency of wood to split and prevents expansion and shrinkage. The gas lift is made in Germany. Empowered by high-pressured gas, making the height adjustable mechanism smooth, reliable, and long lasting.  


  • Promotes consistent small movements throughout the day to combat the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle 
  • Soft edges of the seat with the rounded base allow for an extended range of motion. 
  • NEAT Certified by the Mayo Clinic 
  • Trial participants had an average of 18% increased energy expenditure when using the Move Stool versus a traditional office chair 
  • Versatile design makes it perfect for use in a variety of settings, from the kitchen table to the office desk 
  • Supports body positioning that increases circulation, which in turn increases energy  
In addition to the standard fabrics, Varier products can be ordered with specialty colors and materials.  Contact us at to special order from the Varier Custom Fabric Collection Varier Custom Fabric Collection
  • Rounded base to allow for smooth tilting motion  
  • Saddle seat to promote positive upright posture and strengthen core muscles 
  • 360 degree tilting, pivoting and rotation ability when both feet are planted on the floor 
  • Seat: 36 cm
  • Base: 40 cm
  • Seat Height 49-68 cm
  • Gas Lift Seat Height:
    • Small: gas lift gives you a seat height of 50-69 cm
    • Medium: gas lift gives you a seat height of 56-82 cm. This is the most popular choice - suited for standard work tables.
    • Large: gas lift gives you a seat height of 65-87 cm. We recommend this option for adjustable work tables Note that the Move chair is available both with wood base and wheel base!
  • Fabrics: 
REVIVE - 100% Recycled Polyester FAME - 95% Wools of New Zealand, 5% Polyamide LEATHER - Semi-aniline with light finish UMAMI - 90% New wool (worsted), 10% Nylon BREEZE FUSION - 88% Wools of New Zealand, 12% Polyamide HALLINGDAL - 70% New Wool, 30% Viscose DINAMICA - 88% Polyester, 12% Polyurethane STEELCUT TRIO 3 - 90% Wool, 10% Nylon FOREST NAP - 95% New Wool, 5% Nylon DOLCE - 100% Rayon